Marina Bay Sands As the Best Place For Art Lovers

Marina Bay Sands reviews are often about its rooms, restaurants, and overall facilities within the hotel. But, this hotel has more to explore because of its proximity to excellent places compared to other  Singapore hotels.

This luxury spot indeed offers glorious chances to shop till you drop. It can also provide the best dining experience on its 60 restaurants on-site and many cafes around the hotel. Yet, this luxurious building is also the closest one to some fascinating art centers in the city.

Esplanade Theatres

It is very amazing to find out that this place has the best art performances for everyone with different perspectives. This is not only for those who love to watch theater performances, but also many things else.

For example, you can watch magic shows, films, and also public art where every visitor can look at some statues with unique titles like ‘Makan Angin’, Seeds, Come Together, and many more. Some of them are permanent but others are contemporary. Unique public arts here include benches in various designs and shapes.

Located within 1 km from Marina Bay Sands, Esplanade Theatres also performs live music, theater performances, family movies, and many more. This is the center of art that represents the unique culture of Singapore.

Art Science Museum

This is another recommended place to visit for everyone in the family. Of course, everyone will enjoy everything that this place offers. As the name suggests, this is the museum of art and science that blends to show off magnificent performances. There are virtual realms that involve video game transformation, Virtual Reality Gallery, Virtual Reality journeys to another world, conversations of expanded reality, and many more.

This museum is indeed the real future that everyone can enjoy at this moment. Unlike historical museums, it delivers a brand new experience that amazes everyone. The proximity of this museum to the hotel is about 500 meters or at least a five-minute walk.

Asian Civilisations Museum

Guests will need a three-minute drive to reach this museum. It is easy to summarize that this museum contains popular stories and artifacts from the civilizations of the country. All the collection here will amaze everyone with the tradition of trading in this country, centuries ago. There were various countries have visited Singapore for trading. The Tang Shipwreck was the evidence of the Arab communities who landed in the country.

Some Chinas become the original proof of the maritime trading that occurred centuries ago. There are objects which were becoming the source of trading. They were made of iconic materials and excellent techniques by using very old-style techniques. Here is the actual evidence that Southeast Asia was becoming a famous trading center among several countries.

National Gallery Singapore

It should be the next place to visit during the stay at Marina Bay Sands. It takes only a three-minute drive to this place that everyone can witness the most important display of the modern civilizations of countries in South East Asia.

So, if you want to choose one of the most outstanding hotels in Singapore that are good for art lovers, Marina Bay Sands is the answer.