The Recommendation of Best Netflix Series Until Now

Netflix known as the platform which served so many series. There are western series, Korean series, Japan series, Germany series, and other series that very enjoyable and bring fun to your mood. This will helpful while you enjoy your holiday and decided not to going anywhere.

The Recommendation of Best Netflix Series Until Now

Because of so many series showed on Netflix, sometimes you get confused for decided what series yout gonna enjoy. Don’t worry because below would be described best Netflix Series until Now.

Shadow and Bone

First best series ever on Netflix is Shadow and Bone. This showed on May 2021 and told a story of an orphan become the magical creatures on that world. You will see so many magical things, action, riddles, romantic scene and get deep into it.

The Chilling Adventure of Sabrina

Second best series ever on Netflix showed already for 4 seasons is The Chilling Adventure of Sabrina. This series told a story about young witch with her life story and adventure. She is also half human and half witch that bring so many dramatical things.


The next series ever showed on Netflix is Riverdale. This already showed for many seasons as its story for the name of town. The story told us about a people on the town called Riverdale that many dramatical, mystery, and other things hide behind that town.

My Name

For the fans of K-Series, you can choose My Name for enjoying every genre of series. This actually part of action series, but you will feel the drama too and sadness on it. Because this series told us a story about woman take revenge on her father death.

The recommendation of best Netflix series above can make you enjoy your simply holiday. As long as you have Netflix, you can check What’s new on Netflix because there are so many series that you can take. But you can choose one of the recommendation above.